Claim Docket, Lake County: 1897-1905

This index to Lake County Claim Dockets offers information on claims submitted to Lake County for reimbursement by persons and/or businesses providing services/goods to Lake County government. Of particular interest are old soldier burials, coroners’ inquests, and scalp bounties (fox and wolf). The Lake County Commissioners would either fully reimburse, partially reimburse, or deny requests as seen in the following index. Note that the listing below is an index only. At this time, we are unaware of any documents related to this docket. The docket is housed at Indiana University Northwest's Calumet Regional Archives as Book Number 27.

Claimants listed by first letter of surname:

Claimants: A-E
Claimants: F-J
Claimants: K-O
Claimants: P-T
Claimants: U-Z