Lake County Inventories of Estates and Guardianships

The following is an index of the Inventory Books for Estates and Guardianships in Lake County, Indiana. This index covers the period from May 13, 1910, through December 27, 1923, and contains over 8,500 names.

If you have or ever had relatives in Lake County, Indiana, who required they be assigned a guardian, or had their estate appraised for probate requirements, then this index may be a useful tool in your research. Every name in every document that was mentioned has been captured here.

Many hours of labor went into compiling this index. Special recognition is given to Norma Snyder Phelps for her tireless effort in typing and proofreading these indexes. A big thanks also goes to Martha Daugherty Latko for time spent on digital photography and editing.

SPECIAL NOTE: The pages from which the names in this index were taken are NOT original documents, nor legal papers - they are copies from the originals.

If you find a name in this index, for which you would like further information, you may request a copy of these secondary records from the Calumet Regional Archives at Indiana University Northwest by using the enclosed request form.

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