Lake County Marriages - by Bride

Lake County Marriage Registration Book Indexes: 1837 - 24 August 1931

The indexes below were developed from the Marriage Registration books located in Lake County, Indiana, starting in 1837. The information in this database will lead you to the original marriage applications that are on microfilm at the Lake County Government Center. We are supplying a link to a form that the researcher can send to the Lake County Clerks office to receive a copy of the application(s) and license for $3.00 payable in check or money order. [Lake County Marriage License and Application Order Form]

Applications from 1837 to March 1905 only give you the groom and brides names, the date of the application, the marriage date, the return date of the license, and who married the couple. From March 1905 to the present the application will give the researcher the marring couple, birth dates, place of birth, parents' names, occupation, and place of residence. Other question asked were the person married before, how did that marriage end, sometimes you will find death date, divorce date and/or case numbers on the application.

This database contains a total of 124,270 marriage records spanning form 1837 to 24 August 1931

The clerks office ask that you request only three records at a time, certified copies can only be obtained by an individual who is listed on the license, and providing proper identification.

The Northwest Indiana genealogy Society would like to thank the many volunteers who have taken the time to help in indexing the marriages in Lake County, IN.

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