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Official discussion thread for October 20, 2012 Society meeting

Please share your opinions and suggestions for this meeting

Posted by KayLynn Mathews on 10/18/2012 11:11:26 PM » 12 Replies
1:58 PM 10/26/2012 - JOHN & HELEN ARVIDSON
The .pdf attachment seemed to work OK for me. I was able to read it fine fine with Adobe.
1:56 PM 10/26/2012 - JOHN & HELEN ARVIDSON
I tried to open the attachments from the test replies and either got no picture for photos using Zoner 12 free, or garbage for the .doc file using libre office.

I am attaching the .pdf file I attempted earlier to see what happens
Attachment.pdf  (300.76 KB)
12:51 PM 10/26/2012 - Ryan Ellsworth
Inability to print Solutions.doc  (25.5 KB)
12:45 PM 10/26/2012 - Ryan Ellsworth
oddball_toad_lick.jpg  (23.87 KB)
12:44 PM 10/26/2012 - Ryan Ellsworth
transunion.gif  (3.36 KB)
12:30 PM 10/26/2012 - Ryan Ellsworth
video_thumb.jpg  (4.51 KB)
12:10 PM 10/26/2012 - Ryan Ellsworth
oddball_toad_lick.jpg  (23.87 KB)
12:08 PM 10/26/2012 - Ryan Ellsworth
test attachment
oddball_toad_lick.jpg  (23.87 KB)
9:43 PM 10/22/2012 - JOHN & HELEN ARVIDSON
Apparently the "Add An Attachment To Your Comment" for a topic on the forum here doesn't work. It picked up the file name, but has no data.
9:40 PM 10/22/2012 - JOHN & HELEN ARVIDSON
I thought that the presentation gave a good introduction to the new web site, especially since it wasn't possible to get a live internet connection. It at least gave instructions for existing members to be able to log in.

For members who were not at the meeting - is there any explanation that will be provided to them for being able to log in?

A suggestion - which I believe was mentioned by someone else also after the meeting - attach a copy of the TWIGS to the email announcement saying that it is available on the web page.

Some suggestions for the web site -
* Change the background color to something that contrasts better with either black or white text. To me, the existing color makes it harder to read black or white, especially where there is small print. I would suggest not trying to do both black and white text on the same background.
* On the SEARCH RESULTS DETAIL / Database Records / cemetery - see attachment.
- Utilize more of the width of the display so that it doesn't have to be scrolled just a little bit to see all of the data.
- Define what the heading terms mean: LOC?, VET(veteran?), CO?, BURIED?, NO?
* On the RESEARCHERS FOR HIRE page, make the email addresses hot links. See attachment. Don't depend on hot links that should be on the CONTACT US page as I would think that someone not on the board could be listed here.
* On the SURNAME NETWORKING page I need to change my email address link. How would I do that?
* On the Boyd Home page, the images don't seem to load.
* The TWIGS Article Index doesn't contain the 2012 issues. Will the current year show the individual copies during that year until they are all merged at the end of the year? Also I think that the "TWIGS Article Index" should be renamed to "TWIGS Newsletter" as it has links to the entire newsletter. Also, I think it should be directly under the RESEARCH tab for easier access.
* The email addresses on the CONTACT US page should be hot links.
* All of the images under NWIGS ARCHIVES as well as other references to "webmaster" should have the link to the previous webmaster corrected.
* The "Click here for the official forum discussion for this meeting" from the Calendar does not seem to do anything. See attachment.
Attachment.pdf  (0 Byte)
9:31 PM 10/19/2012 - KayLynn Mathews
And when we're done it's lunchtime!!
COMBO PIZZA.jpg  (0 Byte)
9:27 PM 10/19/2012 - KayLynn Mathews
I hope you all learn something about the new website. Ask questions, you learn better.
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