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March 15 meeting

Hello, I am Bill Kuehl, Son of William, Son of Alfred, Son of William, Son of Adolph who immigrated to Lowell Lake Indiana with his Mother Anna Grummer Kuehl from Germany in 1868. Adolph was a prominent farmer in the Crown Point area, and after he quit farming he moved to downtown Crown Point where he lived across the street from the church.
I live in Flint, Michigan and I am thinking about driving the 250 miles to this event (my best friend lives in Valparaiso). I have only been working on genealogy for about 2 years and have spent most of that time organizing and digitizing about 5000+ pictures from my tree.
Here is my brick wall. My Great Great Grandmother was Rebecca Bales (1826-1911), she Married David Wellman (1824-1897) in Morgan Indiana in 1848. Our family has always been told that David was an orphan and didn't know his parents, and we have always been told that Rebecca was the daughter of Bowater Bales, a Preacher. I have a marriage certificate from David and Rebecca witnessed by Bowater and Elizabeth Bales, with a Rev William Morrow doing the ceremony. I have researched Bowater Bales and can find no documents linking Bowater to his daughter Rebecca. There are no census with her listed. The one fact I do have is that Rev. Bowater and Elizabeth Bales had a son who would have been a brother to Rebecca Bales who was named Wilbur Fisk Bales (1839-1908) and is listed in several census with them. Rebecca and David had their last child in 1863 and named him Wilbur Fisk Wellman.

Do you think the panel would be able to help me break through and find documentation linking Rebecca Bales Wellman to Rev Bowater Bales? What type of things should I bring? Most of my information is on This being my first meeting with others who are interested in genealogy besides my family, I am worried that I won't have all the information needed to be of any help.

Does anyone know when the Historical Society in Crown Point opens? I enjoyed my visit there last year and was able to give them some copies of documents and pictures that I had. One of them was a letter written to my Great Aunt from my Great Great Uncle from boot camp training for WW1. George Kuehl died a couple of weeks after writing the letter in France from Pneumonia he contracted on the ship. His body was brought back to Crown Point 6 months later for burial.

Thank you for your time.
Bill G. Kuehl

Posted by Bill Kuehl on 3/6/2014 8:08:47 AM » 1 Replies
5:14 AM 3/15/2014 - Marlene Polster

Thank You for looking at our website. The Historical Society won't open until May.

As for you Brick Wall, I would say you will need to check Guardianship Records in the county that Rebecca was born in. I would also check Estate Records,Wills and Church records for Bowater and Elizabeth, and Rebecca. I highly doubt that there would be a newspaper article for birth since it was so early, but I would look for a newspaper article for her marriage and any anniversary for her, and even for Bowater and Elizabeth also.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Marlene polster
President NWIGS
Lake County Genealogist
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