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WPA Index Archives Gary Public Library

NEW WPA Index Archives

From the WPA Index Archives - 1906-1939

About the Index

The Gary Public Library’s newspaper index is a result of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project that started in May 1937 and ended April 1942. Its purpose was to enable users to locate news reports and articles published in the local newspapers. On average, 15 workers recorded over 638,000 entries from ten local newspapers dated from 1906 – 1939. Some of the newspapers included the Northern Indianan, Gary Tribune, Gary Evening Post, Gary Post-Tribune, and the Gary American.

One section of the WPA Index is arranged alphabetically by last name and is used mostly for genealogy purposes.

News items comprise the other section of the WPA Index and are arranged by subject headings. Depending on the number of entries in a subject, its possible to chronologically trace a short history of an event. To view current listings of subject headings from the WPA index, click here. Updates will be posted.

To request copies of articles within a subject heading, contact the Indiana Room at . Each subject heading may have one or more listings. Fees for copies are subject to change.

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