Below are the changes that have been made after 2011. There was a large gap in 2012-2013 when web site development/modifications were being worked on. If you would like to see previous updates, click here.

2012 and after

August 9

Lynn M. Jackson, MLS, Reference Librarian at the Lake County Public Library has shared the following:
We created a Post Tribune Obituary Index from 1921 to 2015.  1980's are incomplete, 1990, 2006 and 2008 are missing.   There are 244,378 entries in the database.
A link to access this can be found at tab RESEARCH / RESOURCES / LAKE COUNTY RESOURCES.

April 27Bruce Rhein, as well as for his brothers, Hugh Rhein and Wayne Rhein have been added to membership in the Pioneer Heritage Circle.  See the HERITAGE CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP tab for more information.
March 25Added information on home page about upcoming April meeting by Michael Lacopa on using DNA with Genealogy.
February 27The March 2015 issue of TWIGS was added.
February 12A new link was added to our resources page (History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy).  This was recommended by students in the After School Care Programs in El Paso County, Colorado.
January 19Documents related to NWIGS can now be seen at ABOUT US / DOCUMENTS.
January 14Information was added to the home page concerning Salesforce stopping support for Internet Explorer 7 and 8.
January 2The TWIGS for 2013 and 2014 have been merged into yearly PDF files.  Individual TWIGS issues before 2014 have been removed from the TWIGS access page.

December 7The Lake County Marriages tables by Bride and by Groom have been updated to now include books 1-80 which is 124,270 marriages and covers 1837- August 24, 1931.  Books 61-80 have been added and some corrections to previous entries were made.  These are available from the LAKE COUNTY ARCHIVE page. Previous marriage data tables have been removed. 
November 19A new tab has been created under the ABOUT US tab.  It is labeled PAST MEETINGS and may contain some information on recent meetings for Paid Members only.  It currently contains a link to the syllabus that was passed out for the last meeting on
July 28

Added contact for SURNAMES Beattie and Galbreath to SURNAMES page.

July 11A "Renew Premium Membership" button was added to the website home page to make doing membership renewals easier.
July 1The dues for Premium membership have been increased as follows:
1 year with online access to the TWIGS newsletter has increased from $15 to $20.
1 year with mailed TWIGS newsletter has increased from $25 to $30.
March 9Most email linkhave been modified to not display on the web page screen to reduce spamming of the email addresses.  Click on an email address link to send a message to that address.  The email address will display there.
March 3The Surname Networking page has been modified to not reveal email addresses until the name of the person has been clicked on and a message is being created.  This was done to make it difficult or impossible for most spammers to "harvest" email addresses from this page.
February 17The link to Mike Sutton's personal web site was removed as the link is no longer valid.
January 21Email addresses for NWIGS officers have been changed on the CONTACT US page.  Rather than being for named individuals, they are now for positions.  An example:  the president has been changed from to
January 14The following surnames have been added to the SURNAMES page:  Durfee, Hardy, Kleman, Lehmkuhle, Klausing, Borden.
January 5Two new database tables have been added.
  • Lake County Register of Farm Lands.
  • Lake County Register of Intention to become a qualified elector.
They can each be accessed from the LAKE COUNTY ARCHIVE page under the titles "Register of ...".
January 4The Certificates of Business Partnership-Lake Database Table has been updated.  It has gone from 5624 entries to 9166 entries, and additional data has been added for each entry.
January 3The Lake County Marriages tables by Bride and by Groom are now available from the LAKE COUNTY ARCHIVE page.

The 1929 Hammond Times Death Notices are now available from the NORTHWEST INDIANA ARCHIVE page and the LAKE COUNTY ARCHIVE page.
December 29The following surnames have been added on the SURNAMES web page:
November 18The Publications shoping cart has now been converted to PayPal for purchasing as well as the Memberships which were converted earlier.
November 9It was found that the first 2964 entries in the Cemetery Database Table were missing.  These were added back in.
October 31The Paid Membership checkout has been switched from Google Wallet to PayPal.  The use of PayPal for ordering Publcations is being developed.
August 13A link to Hungarian research was added on the bottom of the RESEARCH / RESOURCES then GENERAL RESEARCH RESOURCES section.
August 10Corrected link to webmaster on the NWIGS MEMBER'S PERSONAL WEBSITES page.
August 4Added information on the NWIGS Join/Membershhip page for joining by US mail if desired, rather than by joining on-line.
August 4Corrected problem with the link to NWIGS history from the About Us page.
August 3The following membership prices have changed: 
One year membership with TWIGS sent by US mail has been increased from $20 to $25.
Lifetime membership has been increased from $225 to $375.
These changes were necessary to cover the increasing postage and other costs associated with membership.
The one year membership with online access to TWIGS remains at $15 per year.
June 12Corrected links to the Cemeteries and the TWIGS Every Name Index from the Search Records function
June 6Added link to Military Genealogy from links / Help for Beginners (
May 29Corrected links to History.php in header.php (menu selection).
May 28Corrected links to publications.php and search.php in TWIGS-EveryNameIndex.php.
May 27
Added surnames of GAVURA, KUTIE, and NOVAKOWSKI to the Surnames webpage.
May 11Corrected three more page links on the web site that were not working correctly.
May 4Added surnames of BLASCHKE, BLAS(E), ENSWEILER, MATHEWS, REISER, and WHITE to Surnames webpage.
May 3Added surnames of DENSBERGER, HUTTLE, JAEGER, KONIECZKI, and MUSIALOWSKI to Surnames webpage.
May 3Modifications were made to this display of Website Updates so that data could be displayed after the year 2012.
May 2Corrected four page links on the web site that were not working correctly.
April 30SD7 finished their transfer of the web site from their development system to a site on Hostmonster as the new ISP.
June 13Added surname of ELLIS to Surnames webpage.
May 4Updated the Pullman Standard Employees Project to include a partial listing of surnames beginning with S.
LIESENFELT, and REISER to Surnames webpage.
March 30
February 22Updated the Pullman Standard Employees Project to include all surnames beginning with Ra-Rob.
January 4Updated the Pullman Standard Employees Project to include all surnames beginning with P and Q.