Lake County, Indiana, Government Books

The following is a list of of Lake County, Indiana, government books archived at Indiana University Northwest (IUN) or the Lake County Historical Museum. To conduct research in these records, you can either contact a local researcher if you are unable to personally to do your research, or visit either site. You will need to arrange an appointment to personally visit either site (contact information is located at the bottom of this webpage).

Below are the descriptions for government books archived at Indiana University Northwest, Gary, Indiana, and the Lake County Historical Museum, at the old County Court House, Crown Point, Indiana.

NOTE 1: Assessor Register - Contains name, description and dimensions of land, value of land, value of improvements, name of town, total value of taxables

NOTE 2: 1876 Atlas - State of Indiana: Contains drawings, Maps and history of Indiana towns, cities and counties

NOTE 3: Bond - Miscellaneous: Contains Bond Records for school, trustees school treasurer, construction, supplies, officials

NOTE 4: Bond - Payments: Contains bond number, principle due, coupon, date paid

NOTE 5: Bond - Records: Contains written oath of office for county officers

NOTE 6: Bond - Register: Contains purpose of bond, series number, bond number, date of issue, amount of issue, rate of interest, type of payment, where payments were to be paid, and facsimile signatures attached to bonds. Also contains coupon number, date due and amount paid

NOTE 7: Bond - Road Sales: Contains road name, date of bond, amount, schedule of repayment

NOTE 8: Bond - Surety Bonds: Contains record of personal bond of depository in public funds

NOTE 9: Bond - Trustee's: Contains Trustee's Bond, written oath to uphold legality of laws in duty as county officers

NOTE 10: Bond - Constable:

NOTE 11: Bond - No Trial

NOTE 12: Case Disposition: (No description written)

NOTE 13: Cash - Sheriffs: (No description written)

NOTE 14: Claim - Appropriations/Disbursements: Contains date, number of order, in whose favor drawn, for what purpose, total amount, office expense accounts

NOTE 15: Claim - Appropriations and Disbursements: Contains records of office: date and amount of appropriations, date of warrant, number of warrant, date redeemed, salary of officeholder, officeholders expenses, fees, office expenses, total expenses of officeholder

NOTE 16: Claim - Records: Contains number, name of parties, papers filed for action of board, date of filing, record location, proceeding of the board

NOTE 17: Claim - Records: Contains date filed, claim number, name of claimant, fund, nature of claim, amount, date examined, amount allowed, county order number, remarks

NOTE 18: Claim & Allowance Docket: Contains claim number, date filed, in favor of whom, vocation, on account of appropriations for, amount of claim filed, amount allowed by commissioners, number of warrant issued, remarks

NOTE 19: Claims - Receipts: Contains date, number of receipt, from whom received, on what account, total amount of all funds, office, total county revenue

NOTE 20: Court Records:

NOTE 21: Land Non-Payment (List of lands and lots returned for the non-payment of taxes for 1905): Contains name of owner, description of lands, acreage, lots, block, amount of taxes for the current year, amount of delinquent tax, penalty and interest, total amount of taxes due.

NOTE 22: Land - Plat Book: Contains name of subdivision, description of land, acreage, date of plat, by whom platted, township or incorporation, number of lots

NOTE 23: Land - Plat Book: This Vol. Lists the real estate owner's name, description of land, section, town (by name) range and acres. This book illustrates the land and location of railroads, rivers, lake, etc. located on the land tracts

NOTE 24: Land - Property Assessment: Contains owners names, number, description and dimension of property, value of land and improvements, total amount of taxable property

NOTE 25: Land - Property Evaluation: Contains name, number, date, description of land, amount of town, value of property and taxables, state, school, county, road taxes, total amount of taxes, amount of delinquent taxes

NOTE 26: Land - Property Evaluation: Contains name of owner, description of property, value of improvements, name of town, total value of property

NOTE 27: Land - Purchases: Contains description of land, date of entry, and name of purchaser

NOTE 28: Land Purchases: Contains township and range number, description and size of land, name of purchaser, date of entry

NOTE 29: Land - School Land:

NOTE 30: Land - Swamp Land: Contains date, certificate number, name of purchaser, land description and site, price per acre; total sale

NOTE 31: Land - Track Book: This volume contains a list of land costs with the original date of sales and transfers for the purpose of taxation. The book lists town, range and section (but mostly by number) the lot number and size. The volume lists the names of the people to whom the property was transferred and the date

NOTE 33: Land - Transfer: Contains owners name, description of land, location and size of land. Also contains value of lots and improvements, to whom transferred, date of transfer, and date of deed. In the later years in the cities, it gives street names.

NOTE 34: Ledger: Contains date, amount and type of account

NOTE 35: Leger - Account Book: Contains date of payments due, amount paid, and payee

NOTE 36: Ledger - Cash Balance: Contains date, balance at close of yesterday, receipts, other source, ditch assessments, advertising, total taxes collected, total amount of receipts for the day, total debit, disbursements, number and amount of disbursements, total credit, balance in office at close of day

NOTE 37: Ledger - Cert of Purchase: Contains date of patent, number of patent, to whom patented, part of section, remarks

NOTE 38: Ledger - County Expenses: Contains date, expense, page of journal, amount

NOTE 39: Ledger - County Receipts: Contains date, expense, receipt number, amount

NOTE 40: Ledger - County Receipts: Contains date, expense, receipt number, credit amount and debit amount

NOTE 41: Ledger - Depository Accounts: Contains depositories and defunct accounts names, balance at beginning of day, amount deposited, warrants endorsed, balance at end of day

NOTE 42: Ledger - Fee Auditor's Fee Book: Contains date, received from, kind of fees, amount of fees

NOTE 43: Ledger - Auditor's Fee and Cash Book: Contains date, from whom received, transfer fees, ditch fees, highway fees, Liquor license fees, School fund mortgage, gravel road fees, approving bonds and contracts, tax deeds and certificates, assignment of tax titles, miscellaneous fees, total collected, date and amount paid county treasurer

NOTE 44: Ledger - J.P. Marriages: License Number, Date, Groom's and Bride's names, where resided, race, J.P. name

NOTE 45: Ledger - Monthly Balances: Contains number and amount of account, kind of account, date and amount disbursed and received, balances, overdrawn amount

NOTE 46: Ledger - Receipt Book: Contains date, number, from whom, nature of receipts, amount, remarks

NOTE 47: Ledger - Statistical Records: Contains analysis of farms, farm animals,e xpenses and equipment

NOTE 48: Ledger - Trust Fund Receipts: Contains date, number of receipt, name of person, kind of fund, principal, interest, remarks

NOTE 49: Ledger - Warrant: Contains number and date of warrant, whom redeemed, to whom drawn, on what account, and amount of warrant. Also contains total out of county revenues, total out of miscellaneous funds, date of warrant received and by whom

NOTE 50: Minutes: Contains minutes and records of audits of various township trustees

NOTE 51: Misc. - Order Book:

NOTE 52: Pension Records

NOTE 53: Register - Enumeration

NOTE 55: Reg. Commercial Hotel

NOTE 56: Reg. Hack's Exchange:

NOTE 58: Poor Relief

NOTE 60: Reg. - Old Settlers:

NOTE 61: Roads - Bridge Fund: Contains overhead, condition of fund, materials, labor, transportation, paint, contracts, and equipment expenses

NOTE 62: Roads - Construction: Contains land owners name, description of land, location and size of land. Also contains value of lots and improvements, to whom transferred, date of transfer, and date of deed

NOTE 63: Contains name of road construction, location, date, car initial and number, date of car unloading, weight and type of material used, name of supplier, signature of inspector

NOTE 64: Roads - Construction: Contains construction name, township, shippers name and address, specifications of pavement, date limestone placed, number of cars unloaded, weights in pounds and tons. Also, 1st and 2nd course of materials, type of material, lineal feet placed, width and depth, amount of material in cubic yards and tons.

NOTE 65; Roads - Construction: Same information as in Note 64 for the following roads: Stommel Rd., Jos. Baehe, Wm. J. Dichenson, Vicent Threlen Rd., John Collins Rd.

NOTE 66: Roads - Construction: Same Information as in Note 64 for the following roads: Klose (North Twp), Jansen(Calumet Twp); Kroay (Calumet Twp); Glueck (Calumet Twp); Graper (Winfield Twp); Daugherty (North Twp); Ellsworth (North Twp); Fisher (Eagle Creek Twp); Bowers (Cedar Creek Twp)

NOTE 67: Roads - Construction: Same information as in Note 64 for the following roads: Wm. Batterman, Armah Halfman Rd., L. E. Barnes Rd., Wm. Raldolph, Adderson Clark Rd., Michael Seberger Rd., Ge. F. Dye Rd., Wm. F. Hodges Rd., H. J. Garnish Rd

NOTE 68: Roads - Contruction: Same as in Note 64 for the following roads: Edward Randhan Rd.; Charles Buckley Rd.; H. G. Jones Rd.; Barnes & MacCrachen Rds.; A. J. Burns Rd.; John Love Rd.; Henry Ohlenhanp Rd.; Edward Yates Rd.; John Kaiser Rd.; Joseph A. Beattrie Rd.

NOTE 69: Roads - Construction: No description but probably the same as Note 64 for the following roads: Reppa (North); Berg (W.Ck & Hanover); Bache (St. John); White (North); Ualla (Cedar Ck); C.T. Lassen; A. M. Turner; Chas. Henderson; J. A. Kimmett; Louis Reeder; Daniel Brown; B. F. Hayes; Fred Dahl; Bert Jansen; Fred Bloede; Philenus Williams; C.C. Shearer; R.R. Reddicord

NOTE 70: Roads - Construction: Same as in Note 64 for the following roads: Gleason #3; Bothwell; Fulton; Nelson; Simpson; Meyn; Condit; Hess; Ridgely

NOTE 71: Roads - Construction: Contains date, name of employees and those from whom purchases were made, labor performed, amount materials purchases, number of warrant, total expenditures

NOTE 72: Roads - Construction: Contains type of material used, name of road constructed, township, shipper, car number and initial, date, and weight of material in pounds and tons

NOTE 73: Contains contract number, date of mortgage, name of title holder, amount of contract, school fund loan number, page number, mortgages, address, date of contract, date of installments due and paid, amount of installments, treasurers receipt number and amount paid

NOTE 75: School - Funds: Contains date, remarks, page cash account, page of ledger, amount

NOTE 76: School - Funds (Loans): Contains date, number, name of borrower, amount of principal, kind of fund, interest for re years, balance in full, remarks

NOTE 77: School - Funds: Contains loan number, amount, borrowed by, kind of fund, date of loan, dates due, description of property mortgaged, payments and date paid, amount of interest

NOTE 80: Taxes - Board of Review: Date of Board review meeting, claims of citizens, decisions of board of review

NOTE 81: Taxes - Funds Due: Date, type of fund (tuition, special school, road, corporation, township poor, town sinking fund, water bond, electric light, town bond principal and interest, on public debt, compulsory education, dog fund), total funds, trustee name

NOTE 82: Taxes - Insolvent payers: Contains number of delinquents, name, number on duplicate, value of property and tax circumstances, and remarks

NOTE 83: Taxes - Non Payment: Contains number, names of owners, description of lands, amount of current tax, amount of delinquent tax and interest, total taxes due, land sold to

NOTE 84: Taxes - Rate Tables: Contains tax tables at rate of $.01 to $1.60 per $1.00

NOTE 85: Taxes - RR Delinquency: Contains name of owner, description of land, value of lots, lands, improvements and taxables, railroad tax due, penalty and interest

NOTE 86: Taxes - Sale Certificates: Contains record of tax sale certificates, auditors signature

NOTE 87: Taxes - Surplus Tax Receipts and Refunds: Contains treasurer's statements: when taxes were paid, taxing unit, names, amount of excess received. Also contains refund date, claim or warrant number, to whom paid

NOTE 88: Warrants - Record: Contains date of warrant, number of warrant, when redeemed, to whom drawn, or what account, appropriation number, ledger folio, amount of warrant, total out of county funds or miscellaneous funds, claim number, date and by whom warrant received

NOTE 89: Warrants - Dept. of Public Welfare: Contains amount and number of receipt, key number, received of, address, to be applied as purchase price of real estate described

NOTE 90: Names, Rank of Command, Branch of Service, Place of Burial, Statement of Expense, Date

NOTE 91: Farm Ledger of Expenses

NOTE 92: Descriptions of land transfers and supplements, and amounts

NOTE 93: List of constables, when elected, date of confirmation, which office,

NOTE 94: Name of Officer, Amount Paid, Protective Miles Driven

NOTE 95: Names , firearm assignments and job assignments

NOTE 96: Bank State, Roll Call

NOTE 97: Releasing responsibility of Guardianship

NOTE 98: Bank Safe Deposit Number, Date Opened, Deceased Name

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