Currently, we have 3,309 unique historical images available online. Dates for most of the images are approximated based on such evidence as a postmark, physical evidence shown in image, and the dating of a message written on the reverse. Publisher information includes publishers, printers, and photographers of the image, if known. If you happen to view an image that you can identify in greater detail than what has already been provided, or you have an image that you would like to donate to the website, then please send your information to the webmaster.

LAKE COUNTY IMAGES [currently featuring 1,023 historical images]

NEWTON COUNTY IMAGES [currently featuring 25 historical images]

PORTER COUNTY IMAGES [currently featuring 2,259 historical images]

NWIGS wishes to thank the following individuals for contributing images to this collection: Gerald Born, Jennifer Bumann, Tim Cole, Mike Fleming, Ed Iwinski Jr., Gregory Jancosek, Joanne Iwinski Miller, Trent D. Pendley, Stella Rainford, Carl O. Reed, Sandra Ludwig Shelton, Steve Shook, and Doug Wolfe.